Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Simple Spanking?

The previous post was called "Catching Up" because I am in the process of bringing you all up to speed on how spanking started in my relationship as well as where we are now. I am relaying incidents and things that may have happened a few weeks ago or a few months ago. Eventually I will be current. In the mean time I may jump around the time line a bit. Hopefully it doesn't get too confusing.

A few days after our little party Rachel surprised me one morning. The party was very nice and by all accounts well enjoyed. I tend to be a fairly neat person and like to have my home clean and in order. It may sound odd to some readers that I do quit a bit of housework around the home without being asked and before I ever was spanked. It seems like one of the big selling points of disciplining your husband is that he will do more housework and take on more household responsibility. Ladies this is true. You will also get a more agreeable and "obedient" husband as well.

Anyway, for a few days prior to the party I was busy doing extra cleaning, organizing and dusting. I tend to do this for a few reasons, I like to present a nice neat appearance and take pride in my home and yard. I think it reflects both upon myself and family but also lets my guests know that they are important to me and I respect them enough to provide a nice clean, comfortable atmosphere.

After the party I cleaned up the dishes, vacuumed and did the usual post party wrap. The house was in good order.

The next day or day later when I woke up Rachel asked me to take a good look around our room. She asked me if I noticed anything. I didn't know what she was talking about. There were no surprises or gifts or anything unusual.....the room was just neat, clean and organized. That is when she told me to take a good look at the top of my dresser. I suddenly had a feeling I knew what she was talking about. It was neat, dusted and organized. Perviously I had let that area get out of control. There were always keys, piles of receipts, mail, dust and other junk on top. It bothered me but I never found the time to clear it and if I did it was a mess in a matter of a day or two. It was typically a cluttered eyesore. Rachel told me that she appreciated the party and all my hard work. But she also went on to mention that I must have realized how bad my dresser looked otherwise I wouldn't have cleaned it up so well. That I must have been concerned that our friends would see such a mess even in passing to go to the restroom. She told me that she had almost given up hope on seeing that area clean but that was to change. With that she told me that she wanted to be sure that it would remain that way in the future and that I was to get a spanking to drive the point home. That is when she opened her night table and reached in and got Mrs Green out! This was new. Getting a spanking for something we previously never really discussed as a spanking offense. Also, I had cleaned the area without being told. Rachel was expanding her authority.

Although the kids were home she was going to give me a spanking! Honestly this blew me away since I didn't think she would ever risk them possible hearing the swats or sounds. Rachel then lifted up the bedspread, told me to get across her lap, covered us under the now tee pee bedspread and proceeded to give me a spanking. It wasn't particularly hard or loud but she made her point. Even though I deserved a much more strict spanking and was concerned that I might not take it seriously enough I knew how important this was to Rachel. Since that day about a month and half ago I have kept that area as neat and organized as the day of the party.

After my spanking she told me to roll over on to my back. Without a word she climbed on top of me, leaned forward and pinned my arms above my head and rode me very hard. She told me it was okay to cum which I did. Then she got up as if nothing happened and took a shower.

Wow! I wondered where this is headed....


Walter H. Schulze III said...

sounds like to me she just wanted to spank you and used the dresser as an excuse.

Widgets said...

Hi Richard:
Just moving to new house and job. As we previously told you give her time. This is the beginning of something TERRIFIC! You are now going in the right direction. Your wants and efforts will be fulfilled.

Susan's Pet said...

Sounds perfect to me. Enjoy it!

Widgets said...

Hi richard:
We have not heard from you and are wondering how are things progressing? Write soon.
Rachel & aj

Anonymous said...

With children in the house you might consider converting a remote dog trainer by installing it on a woven cat collar. That lets her order you to strap it so the contact points rest under your testicles. She can then use the remote to deliver various level shocks to that area. Silent, except for your expressions of 'delight'.

Anonymous said...

Our spanking began innocently enough as a birthday spanking at his birthday party. The first time I spanked him for his birthday he was fully dressed. No fun for me. He agreed to repeat it in private. That time he got it over his underpants. I now spank him once a month with his underpants pulled down. I enjoy it much more than he does. He doesn't know that one of my friends who he thinks is hot has seen him spanked