Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Reprieve

So far I have not seen Betty since my spanking.

Fortunately while I was out running errands that my wife "requested". Betty came over  to ask if we could water her plants and take in her mail since she was going to be out of town for a few days. This is a pretty common occurrence since her female"partner" owns a vacation cabin a few hours away. They head up there regularly to check on the place and to relax. They also like to travel around the world and often take trips.

We have lived next door to Betty and Patty her "partner" for about ten years. They are great neighbors. They are both retired women in their late 60's to early 70's.  Although they are retired and usually home during the day they still do some consulting work now and then. 

Although Betty is in her very early 70's she is an intelligent, strong, vibrant women. She has remained active playing tennis most of her life and appears to be in very good shape. She is quite tall for an older women standing about 5'9.  Betty grew up here when the area was still orchards. Her father was a farmer/rancher back in the day so she is use to hard work and being outdoors. The area has grown substantially since Betty was a young girl. 

Betty is the more out going of the two ladies and is usually the one to strike up a conversation or ask a favor. I regularly go over there and clean gutters or help her with her computer. Although she is quite capable to clean gutters I don't like seeing her up on a ladder and since I'm doing my own it seems only right to go over and do her house as well. Patty and Betty both worked in the school system. Betty eventually going the administrative route holding positions as vice-principle and local school administrator. Patty stayed in the classroom teaching two or three different subjects. 


Anonymous said...

Age means nothing. My wife was raised on a farm and on my 50th b'day had taken me over her knee for a bare bottomed spanking when in walked her mom. She too wanted to wish me a happy birthday took me over her knee and was able to spank me to tears with just her hand. That was the most embarrassing spanking I had ever received.


Anonymous said...

I keep my husband in panties all the time. Several of my friends know he gets spanked. Two have seen my spanking him. I like to put him over a table in his panties and tie is wrists to the table legs. I'll leave him that way for a while then roll the panties to his knees. When I do this he knows someone will see thecspanking. Listing to him plead for a private spanking is almost as enjoyable as spanking him. When a friend does come, we then spank him. Now his legs are spread and we spank his thighs and ass. When we finish, he is allowed up but kept naked from the waist down