Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Told Rachel

This post is for those of you who have commented and wanted to know if I have told Rachel about Betty over hearing my scolding or possible seeing my spanking. First, thank you for your comments. It is always nice to know people are reading and that there are folks like me out there in the world. Your comments and advice are appreciated. I can understand now more than ever why one of my favorite blogs has recently required commenter's to have a user name.

As I mentioned in my previous post while I was getting my disciplinary spanking I tried to tell Rachel that we might be visible but to no avail. At the time I wasn't sure if I was heard, if Rachel cared at that particular moment or what. So, the other night I brought the subject up to Rachel while we were in bed. To my surprise it didn't seem to bother her that she may have been heard scolding or even possible seen spanking me. This came as bit of a surprise since she usually takes precautions to make sure we are in a private situation. Although, recently Rachel had given me a spanking (fairly mild) while people were in the house. Anyway, she surprises me at times which makes it hard to figure her out.

Rachel's main comment was "well at least it was you (meaning me) that was being scolded and being placed OTK." She went on to state that she liked Betty and felt Betty was discreet and from what she knew about Betty that Betty wouldn't be all that shocked. She went on to say that Betty was probably proud of Rachel for being in charge and not taking any guff. I sat there and all I could think was Wow. When I brought up that Betty might have seen me kneeling and licking Rachel while she had her hand firmly in my hair guiding me, Rachel again said pretty matter-of-fact that better for Betty to have seen you kneeling and following my guidance than the other way around. With that she smiled and kind of chuckled. Again, I thought to myself Wow.

Later while I was laying in bed I thought of a conversation Betty, Rachel and I had quite sometime ago about her back neighbor. Betty doesn't particularly like him. Over the years I have had very little interaction with him but I can say none of it has left me with a good impression either. Betty mentioned that she had heard him more than once being verbally abusive to his wife and being a complete ass. She disapproved of his behavior and his lack of respect toward his wife, kids, and her. Betty went on to say something about he needed a good lesson one of these days or words to that effect. I didn't give it too much thought at the time, but now I know Betty has paddled kids in her charge and probably seen me spanked I wonder what she thinks. I also have an enhanced view of her and her standing. I have always been friendly and willing to help her and Patty, whether it is cleaning gutters, basic automobile assistance, computer assistance or fixing something around their house. When I look back over the years I realize that they have practically become family members and I treat them much like an aunt.


Anonymous said...

Your wife might not bother to be so careful in the future since Betty seems to already know!

I wonder if she'll ask for pointers from Betty!

Since I can't comment on that other site without creating an account, maybe Mike will see this. An anonymous email account can still be traced, so there is a bigger lack of security in creating an account than not!


Widgets said...

I think it is EXCELLENT that Rachel takes such loving care of you, regardless of the neighbors. Rachel cares about YOU (#1) not the neighbors. Understanding her feelings: I care about aj and will spank when necessary to keep him on a level plane. I have spanked him for nastiness in the back yard, inside the house, and on the side of the road for misbehaving.
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