Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mrs. Green and Her Friend Pay a Visit

You may be wondering what the title means. Those are the names I have given to the brushes that Rachel uses when she gives me an OTK spanking.

Spanking most certainly did not happen over night for us. It was a journey that started three years ago with Rachel becoming totally in charge of sex. At the time I brought up spanking but the concept did not really fly with Rachel. Two years later I got my first spanking. It was pretty much a bust. The initial spanking was done half heartedly and wasn't even remotely "firm" or stern even though there was good reason to be very firm. It wasn't even an hour before I really deserved another spanking. This did not sit well with Rachel and almost ended the idea of spanking all together.

I just didn't take the spanking she gave me very seriously. It was very mild and just didn't seem genuine to me. The idea pretty much died and it was at least six months before spanking was discussed seriously again. In the mean time however she did start to swat my butt at times while having sex. I think initially this was done as a compromise but I think that helped keep the door and concept open. I also think that she began to like doing it as well. Of course during this entire time she was in charge of sex and was becoming progressively more dominant and very comfortable with being very in charge of what, when and how sex was to happen. (see previous post) She definitely liked "being in charge of sex" and as she says "I expect you to be obedient and do as I say". She is very clear that she wants it this way and doesn't plan on going back. It is also slowly becoming more evident to me that her "being in charge" is beginning to spill over to other areas of our life.

Spanking is still very new to us and is being tested out. All signs are that it is truly effective for me for reasons I can't fully articulate or even understand but I accept. It is has become much easier to discuss spanking and discipline and I believe seems more normal or acceptable to Rachel. It seems totally normal to me now. I think it may be here to stay.

Several months ago we gave spanking another try. This time she was definitely more open and involved shall we say. Unfortunately she quickly discovered that spanking tended to hurt her hand. Because of this she did not spank particularly firm or for very long. I didn't tell her, but deep down I felt that they needed to be firmer. I was beginning to think this wasn't going to work for us. Ladies please note: interestingly, many sites suggest to women spankers that they "shouldn't disappoint" their man and that they should be "very firm." Well, I am here to say that ultimately they are correct. Well, at least for me.

When we decided to give it a another try Rachel had probably read very little or nothing about spanking and wasn't familiar with it. She did not experience spankings as a child. I recommended a few Web sites and foolishly suggested using a brush if it hurt her hand too much or if she needed to give a very firm spanking. I had never experienced a brush but many of the blogs and sites I read all mentioned utilizing a hair brush. I felt deep down that at this point in my life I needed LFA that included spanking. I was ready to commit just as I had when I gave all sexual authority to Rachel three years ago.

I sent Rachel a few links to sites such as My Bottom Smarts that discussed spanking and a link to a site that sold very attractive wooden paddles. It wasn't all that easy to find sites that wouldn't initially freak her out. So many sites are extreme or pretty much fantasy with leather clad dommes. Even well intentioned sites such as DWC (Disciplinary Wives Club) seem a bit too extreme, particularly for newbees or women that feel it may be physical abuse.

Anyway, we decided to give spanking a try again. Although we both mostly talked about "play" spankings I also talked about real spankings and the need for "firmness" and discipline. After one, hand only, spanking things changed.....Rachel didn't "disappoint". The very next spanking was approached as "play" but most definitely had an underlying message. She started off with her hand but to my total surprise reached under the pillow and quickly pulled out Mrs. Green for some very firm swats. Mrs Green is the plastic green brush pictured above. Rachel was amazingly "firm" for a "play" spanking and didn't seem to have an issue with swatting very firmly. Needless to say my bottom was very red! She also picked up the technique of wrapping her leg over mine to hold me in place. I could squirm and feel her amazingly soft, smooth strong legs but I really couldn't get away. I was quickly saying "yes ma'am" to any and everything. Later Rachel admitted that she had swatted her bottom a few times with Mrs Green prior to using her on me. She said it certainly stung. This really surprised me since she really gave me a solid spanking even after she knew how much the brush could sting. I think that was a major shift for her.

Afterward Rachel soothed my reddened bottom and allowed me to hug her leg. She then removed her undies and placed me firmly via a hair tug so my face was situated on her thigh looking right at her beautiful pussy. She kept me there for a nice long time as I rubbed her legs. Eventually she told me I was allowed to touch her fur which is manicured into a nice little landing strip. After about ten minutes of teasing and feeling her hand firmly on my head Rachel told me to kiss her lips as she tugged me firmly into position to lick. I spent the next 30-45 minutes lovingly following her firm hair tugs and guidance tasting and enjoying all her juices. It was like a wonderful dance.....Rachel leading and me magically following all her guidance.

Much to my surprise a few weeks later I went out and bought Rachel a high quality boars hair wooden brush. Let's just say that she has paid a visit and much to my surprise stings even more than Mrs. Green.

If you have any ideas on a good name for Mrs. Green's friend feel free to make a suggestion in the comments section.


Widgets said...

Hi Richard:
You are very right and as with me it did take a lot of time to learn and accept. In our western society we are taught that the man is Head of Household and we are beholden to him. Any woman who is HOH is either a freak or a vicious bitch and has married a substandard man although in many ways he is superior to the "macho man." When I met aj he was the nerd of single parents and the misfit of the 20th century. After getting to know him and live with him; I find him to be one of the most interesting, dynamic and loving people I have ever met or loved.

Rob said...

Hi Richard,
Your situation seems similar to ours in that we started very tentatively, but now my spouse seems to understand what I need and how she can use this power. There's still an element of fun in this for us, but there's no question that my wife has changed. Your reference to sites that are extreme is so true. I've mentioned DWC to her in the past, but that model wouldn't work for us at the level typically described. That said, she's become very good at wielding the paddle and a double sided spatula on my butt.

As to a name for Mrs. Green's friend, how about Mrs. Hurtsmore?

Richard said...

Thanks for the comments....

Rachel, although I get spanked my Rachel couldn't necessarily be described as the HOH just yet. She is however much more assertive and lately seems much more comfortable giving direction or orders in everyday life.

Rob, LOL...Mrs. Hurtsmore That's a good one. I agree with you about the DWC. It seems a bit harsh and claims to focus only on the disciplinary part. I think their site would be more popular with newbees if it didn't depict such harsh spankings. (the clip of the guy getting whipped with belt) I'm sure Aunt Kay has some great advice though. If you get a chance check out the mini books Spanking the Male Mind and How to spank your man by Miss Francy. They are very good.

peter b. said...

In honor of your neighbor I would suggest you call the new brush Ms. Betty in honor of your neighbor

Sara's Hank said...

think Peter B's suggestion an excellent one !

Anonymous said...

Well if one is Green, clearly the other must be "Red"!!!

Always good to see a hairbrush being put to proper use.


Anonymous said...

Your article was great--I am glad you hav such a good rlationship--We, too have a great marriage---but we also have a paddling component---which has NOTHING to do with sex or romance---I can engage in conduct that can so annoy and disappointmnt my wife that a bare ass apddlinbg has to steele things--It is infrequent---but it does happen and my butt hurts when it does! Its sure not a time for sex or ramance!