Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Think My Neighbor Knows

At some point I will come back and write how spanking became part of my marriage but to start I am going to relay how I think my neighbor found out that my wife spanks me.

I was working in the garage putting stuff away and organizing when my wife came to the door to ask me a question. I had been in a grumpy mood the past day or so. Cleaning up the mess wasn't helping my mood any. I answered her with a rather perturbed sounding "what?!"

That is when she stopped looked at me and said in a very calm but stern manner. "You have been in a bad mood for two days, a jerk to the kids and now disrespectful to me again. You know our new agreement. You have ten minutes to finish up in here. Then I want you to shower, shave top and bottom and report to me in my room within the half hour. You will only need your undies on. You have an appointment over my knee with the brush. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

I was a bit taken back by her calm but very strict sounding orders. We had just started experimenting with spanking in our marriage. Up to this point I had only gotten two disciplinary spankings and several "play" ones that were semi-serious. Her tone sounded ominous and serious. She appeared very in-charge and confident looking down at me. The fact that she was two steps above me didn't help my confidence any. All I could do was mutter "yeah" which was quickly responded to by a very firm "WHAT?" Before I knew it I answered "yes ma'am." Answering quickly and in a respectful manner was becoming a new habit of mine when she had me a bit spooked.

With that Rachel restated her orders. "Finish in ten, be showered, shaved top and bottom and report to me within the half hour. Next time repeat and acknowledge so I know you understand."She turned and walked away. I stood there for a second thinking wow, when I suddenly heard a noise to the side of the garage. The big garage door was closed as well as the side entry but the window on the side where I had been standing was open. That is when I realized my neighbor was on the other side of the fence just two or three feet away. We both keep our trash and recycling bins just outside our side garage doors. We often stop and exchange hello's etc over the fence. She easily could have heard the entire exchange. There was nothing I could do about that now. Time was wasting so I gathered up the empty boxes and stuff and when I thought the coast was clear I proceeded to take them to the bins. That is when I heard Betty say hello Richie from the other side of the fence. I replied with a neighborly "hi, how are you?". I was hoping she would keep any chit chat to a minimum.

We have lived next to Betty for ten years or so and get along very well. She is a retired school administrator. Although she is an older women Betty is in very good physical condition and is about an inch or two taller than me. In general she is a great neighbor. After a little chit chat Betty said "I better let you go. I don't want you to be late." Well, that confirmed it, she heard and knew the deal. I must have turned ten shades of red. I quickly made an excuse that I had better get cleaned up. As the words came out of my mouth I immediately realized that my response was pretty dumb. I just confirmed my marching orders. Oh well.

As a side note when Rachel (my wife) instructs "shaved top and bottom" she is referring to having my face and balls smooth to the touch. She doesn't like 5 o'clock shadow rubbing on her thighs.

More to come...

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George said...


That must have been quite a party and I understand your excitement. Maybe the time has come to tell your wife you suspect Betty knows about your discipline and see how she reacts to that. Maybe - a long shot - you could include Betty into your discipline. Given she's a retired school teacher and older than you, it might add a new dimension. I have been paddled and caned several times by my wife's best (girl) friend and - believe me - it's been an experience I still cherish and will always remember, although my wife's friend stopped participating in my discipline last year, but that's another story.