Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Party

The past week has been fairly busy around the house. I have been a "good boy" keeping up with my chores and trying to help around the house as much as possible. Most importantly I am trying to maintain the "standards"that Rachel and I have agreed upon. "Standards" does not really refer to housework or chores. I have always been fairly helpful around the house and do my share, so that has never really been an issue. Of course when I say "my share" it is from my male perspective. In any event, to date we haven't really discussed using spanking for keeping me on track helping around the house.

It has been generally agreed upon that a disciplinary spanking will be utilized for adjusting poor attitude, grumpy behavior and inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior includes things like losing my temper in the car and cursing. I hope to formalize this a bit more since I like to know what Rachel's expectations are. Surprisingly I find a certain level of comfort knowing I will be held accountable. Amazingly it was me that gravitated more toward disciplinary spankings as opposed to "fun" or role-play type of spankings. I think that partially has to do with how real a spanking feels to me. I will write a posting on that in the near future I think.

Anyway, this weekend we had a party at our home. Mostly family was here but some friends and neighbors attended. Most notable was my next door neighbors Betty and Patty. It has been about a week since I've seen Betty and I wasn't sure what to expect. Our last encounter was brief but it most certainly left me feeling that she knows I get spanked. If you read my previous postings you would know that I am pretty sure that Betty not only heard me get scolded and told I was going to get a spanking but that she may have actually witnessed some of my spanking though the window. Yikes!

The party was going quite well. Everyone was enjoying themselves chatting, eating and drinking. Eventually Betty and I ended up in a small circle which included my son and other neighbor Dave. My son is very smart and is doing tutoring work over the summer to make extra bucks. He is now in college. Betty was asking him about his growing tutoring enterprise and was offering to connect him to some local educational administrators. The conversation then drifted to Betty's long background in education. While she was reviewing the many jobs and positions she held it came out that she had been the local high school vice principle for many years. That is when my son complained about his former high school vice principle being to strict. The VP was known for taking iPods and cell phones etc as well as being kind of an unreasonable man and a jerk. That is when Betty smiled and started talking about how as the vice principle she was the main disciplinarian of the high school and that back in her day the paddle was used so kids have it pretty easy today. She joked that she must have spanked half the adult men currently living in our school district to which Dave laughed and agreed. I believe he even blushed a bit. He is older than me and grew up in the area. Dave quickly laughed and told me had I grown up here I would most certainly have crossed paths with Betty sometime during my high school years. Betty didn't miss a beat, smiled and looked directly at me and responded "naughty boys are never too old to put over the knee." I must have turned ten shades of red. I don't know if it was my imagination but I felt her comment was directed right at me. Everyone hesitated for a second which felt like an eternity and then we all burst into a nice laugh. That is when she added in what I felt was a more serious tone "good behavior and discipline are life long commitments. I still feel that I carry my vice principle responsibilities with me to this day." Now my head was really spinning. I couldn't believe it and wasn't sure how to take what was just said or how the others may have interrupted it since I felt that the comment was directly made to me. I quickly found an excuse to go tend to some guests and got the heck out of their.

I get along really well with Dave. Both of our wives always joke about how we are cut from the same cloth. Although he can be a wise ass he is a great guy. In the past he has jokingly said things to some neighbors that were mistakenly taken seriously. Once you get to know him you know it is his sense of humor. Anyway, when I thought about it whenever I've seen him interact with Betty and Patty it has always been in a very respectful and friendly manor. He never acts like a smart ass or pushes things. I wonder if that is an after effect from having been spanked.

I am now on a mission to find out more about Betty and her paddling past but I don't want to tip my hand to Dave. I was pretty sure from the conversation that she must have paddled Dave at some point. Personally I think Betty will keep what she probably heard and saw to herself. She has always been a great neighbor and seems to really like me. She has gossiped to me over time about some of the other neighbors but those are neighbors I think that initially weren't too accepting or are still not accepting of her "lifestyle" with Patty. Betty and Patty have a long history in the neighborhood since they are original owners. I am pretty sure that they must have been a bit scandalous at the time since they are lesbian. My neighborhood is comprised of longtime older original owners, a few established families with older kids such as mine and new families that move in as the original owners die off or move to smaller places.


peter b. said...

I can see that one day you and Dave may find yourself side by side bare assed and Betty giving both of you what you truly need.

Rob said...

That had to be a bit awkward. I am pretty sure my neighbors have no idea that my wife spanks me from time to time. Once when I was about to go over her lap, I went to close the window even though the shade was down, and she told me to leave it as is. Apparently she didn't care if anyone heard. I had to wonder how far the sound of that paddle crashing down on my bare butt would carry on a warm summer evening.

Anonymous said...

i think she knows and approves, and fortunately for you because of her background sees less odd in it than some neighbors might....maybe leave well enough alone?

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